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[ale] OT: Forget Comcast, I wanna move to Germany!

Well, as I understand the way that German Telekom works, the government
also subsidizes most of their services and folks living in Germany pay a
higher tax rate to support it (amongst other Government programs).?

So (if I'm understanding things correctly) how would you like
to pay a 50% (or higher) tax rate in order to have those advanced
services?? I'll take my 25% bracket (for now, unless we get a
consumption-based tax like FairTax) and be happy for now. :)


> On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 15:57 -0400,
Robert Reese wrote:
>> Wha..??  16MB DSL + phone + on-demand
movie service (yes, includes
>> "erotica"), and
"handy" (cell?) service for 30 Euro a month, 20 Euro for
>> the first 6 months?  Free modem/router too?  That's crazy!
>> Next
time hellsouth/att calls you wanting you back, tell 'em you want
>> 'em to match *this*.
> Most of Europe and
Asian metro areas are similar.  The US lags (again),
> I blame it
on us always being the early adopter. :-(
> -Jim P.
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