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[ale] OT: Forget Comcast, I wanna move to Germany!

On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 16:27 -0400, Jay Finch wrote:
> Well, as I understand the way that German Telekom works, the
> government also subsidizes most of their services and folks living in
> Germany pay a higher tax rate to support it (amongst other Government
> programs).  
> So (if I'm understanding things correctly) how would you like to pay a
> 50% (or higher) tax rate in order to have those advanced services?
> I'll take my 25% bracket (for now, unless we get a consumption-based
> tax like FairTax) and be happy for now. :)
> Cheers!
> Jay

Run the taxes through the roof if I can get a better school system and
better public sector services. There are still loads of rich folks
making scads of $$ (sorry - don't have the Euro symbol in front of me)
so the higher tax rate can't possibly be killing off business like the
whining shift the tax burden to the non-voting people - our kids and
grand kids - keep claiming. Maybe we should up the death tax and kill
'em off early to pay off the bills they have run up.

Didn't we get in a little war around 1776 over "No taxation without

Gad! What a rant even from me. Maybe I shouldn't eat pepperoni pizza
before I hit ALE mail...
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