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[ale] OT: Forget Comcast, I wanna move to Germany!

No matter how high my taxes are I don't want the government providing for,
paying for or even subsidizing my access to information and communications.
Whoever pays the bill controls the access and by extension what information
is transmitted.


On 4/4/07, James P. Kinney III <jkinney at localnetsolutions.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 16:27 -0400, Jay Finch wrote:
> > Well, as I understand the way that German Telekom works, the
> > government also subsidizes most of their services and folks living in
> > Germany pay a higher tax rate to support it (amongst other Government
> > programs).
> >
> > So (if I'm understanding things correctly) how would you like to pay a
> > 50% (or higher) tax rate in order to have those advanced services?
> > I'll take my 25% bracket (for now, unless we get a consumption-based
> > tax like FairTax) and be happy for now. :)
> >
> > Cheers!
> > Jay
> Run the taxes through the roof if I can get a better school system and
> better public sector services. There are still loads of rich folks
> making scads of $$ (sorry - don't have the Euro symbol in front of me)
> so the higher tax rate can't possibly be killing off business like the
> whining shift the tax burden to the non-voting people - our kids and
> grand kids - keep claiming. Maybe we should up the death tax and kill
> 'em off early to pay off the bills they have run up.
> Didn't we get in a little war around 1776 over "No taxation without
> representation"?
> Gad! What a rant even from me. Maybe I shouldn't eat pepperoni pizza
> before I hit ALE mail...
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"Anyone who has the power to make
you believe absurdities has the power
to make you commit atrocities."

-- Voltaire
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