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Unaggregated prefixes in BGP4+ cloud

Hi all,

during the last two weeks the number of unaggregated IPv6 prefixes
within the BGP4+ cloud is increased a lot (look at
and http://carmen.cselt.it/ipv6/bgp/graphs/index.html) and I think that this
is a
very undesirable thing that should be fixed especially if we really consider
the 6bone as a
gymnasium for production use of IPv6.
The ASs that are currently generating most of the unaggregated prefixes are:

- AS7680 with 22 unaggregated prefixes
- AS4556 with 20 unaggregated prefixes
- AS2852 (CESNET) with 8 unaggregated prefixes
- AS11008 (CENTAURI-AR) with 8 unaggregated prefixes

Unfortunately I was not able to locate contact persons for AS7680 and AS4556
in that they
seem not to be registered in the 6bone database. 
The poor use of the 6bone registry is another critical issue that we should
to address especially for the sites participating in the BGP4+ cloud. For
I think that any pTLA or pNLA should make sure that any new downstream BGP4+
is correctly registered in the 6bone database before setting up the