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Unaggregated prefixes in BGP4+ cloud

Give them a week, and then filter them?   :)

Rob Rockell
Sprintlink Internet Service Center
Operations Engineering
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Ines|e gnyne qh vagr bz s|e Ino ngg una {e hgr bpu plxyne?

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Guardini Ivano wrote:

->Hi all,
->during the last two weeks the number of unaggregated IPv6 prefixes
->within the BGP4+ cloud is increased a lot (look at
->and http://carmen.cselt.it/ipv6/bgp/graphs/index.html) and I think that this
->is a
->very undesirable thing that should be fixed especially if we really consider
->the 6bone as a
->gymnasium for production use of IPv6.
->The ASs that are currently generating most of the unaggregated prefixes are:
->- AS7680 with 22 unaggregated prefixes
->- AS4556 with 20 unaggregated prefixes
->- AS2852 (CESNET) with 8 unaggregated prefixes
->- AS11008 (CENTAURI-AR) with 8 unaggregated prefixes
->Unfortunately I was not able to locate contact persons for AS7680 and AS4556
->in that they
->seem not to be registered in the 6bone database. 
->The poor use of the 6bone registry is another critical issue that we should
->to address especially for the sites participating in the BGP4+ cloud. For
->I think that any pTLA or pNLA should make sure that any new downstream BGP4+
->is correctly registered in the 6bone database before setting up the