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IPv6 Operational Topics Meeting in DC

At 09:50 AM 11/1/99 -0800, Bob Fink wrote:
>IPv6 operational folk,
>Marc Blanchet and I will be hosting a one-hour mid-day IPv6 Operational
>Topics Meeting during the Washington DC IETF week to discuss operational
>ipv6-related topics. 
>We will announce the exact time/day and the agenda the lists as soon as we
>can. Whatever the day, assume it will be in the  same room that the IPng
>will be in, which is currently the Regency. As the IPng meeting will be
>Wed. and Thurs. from 1-3, the IPv6 Operational meeting will end just before
>IPng starts, either Wed. or Thurs., depending on the day we choose.

The IPv6 Operational Topics Meeting is now scheduled for Thursday from
11:45 till 12:45 in the Regency room.

If the location changes I will let everyone know by email and by
announcement at the IPng Wed. meeting.

I still have time slots avaialable for a few more speakers. Please let me
know if you wish to speak. Marc and I will be around for the Sunday Social,
so you can speak with either of us there if you want.