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Unaggregated prefixes in BGP4+ cloud

At Wed, 03 Nov 1999 11:54:48 +0100,
Guardini Ivano <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi all,

> The ASs that are currently generating most of the unaggregated prefixes are:
> - AS7680 with 22 unaggregated prefixes
> - AS4556 with 20 unaggregated prefixes

AS4665 is ours. We are ISI/LAP,3ffe:800::/24.
Sorry for poor aggregation. I will make filter for pTLA and sTLA.

But , our CISCO router looks something strange.

> show ipv6 route

B 2001:200::0/35 [20/6]
  via FE80::C8E:50C2:10, Tunnel5, 1w3d/never
B 2001:218::0/35 [20/4]
  via FE80::C8E:50C2:10, Tunnel5, 1w3d/never
B 2001:400::0/35 [20/6]
  via FE80::C8E:50C2:10, Tunnel5, 1w3d/never

All bgp routes have permanent expire time.
So, any bogus BGP routes have never exipred.
I don't understand whether our configuration is something wrong
or IOSv6 have a bug.
Does anyone have same experiences ?

> Unfortunately I was not able to locate contact persons for AS7680 and AS4556
> in that they seem not to be registered in the 6bone database. 

The contact person for AS4556 IPv6 network is me.
I apologize for our 6bone registry data is too old.
I will revise them soon.

SEKIYA Yuji	USC/ISI  Computer Networks Division 7
<[email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]>