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IPv6 Operational Topics Meeting in DC

IPv6 operational folk,

Marc Blanchet and I will be hosting a one-hour mid-day IPv6 Operational
Topics Meeting during the Washington DC IETF week to discuss operational
ipv6-related topics. 

Potential topics we would like to see covered are:

a. state of 6tap peering

b. state of other peering points (Amsterdam, Japan...)

c. exploring options for maximal interconnect (6to4 relays, etc.)

d. explore interest in ipv6 route server availability

e. state of production-ipv6-nets (various 2001::/35 sTLA prefixes are being
 handed out so folk should be willing to say what they are doing)

f. advice for getting production (sTLA) prefixes

g. discuss hardening activities for 6bone

h. IPv6 (6bone) registry usage, what to expand, what to enforce

i. real application usage experience
j. your ideas here?!

So, please comment on the following things:

1. The agenda above, i.e., will you want to speak and for what topic.

2. Additional topics for the agenda that you will speak to or want others
to speak to.

[Note that given the limit of one-hour for the meeting that these items are
for very brief status updates and key issue presentations.]

3. Best time (for you) for the meeting:

 Choices are 11:45 till 12:45 (in the same room that the IPng will be in)
 either Wed. or Thurs.

We will announce the exact time/day and the agenda the lists as soon as we
can. Whatever the day, assume it will be in the  same room that the IPng
will be in, which is currently the Regency. As the IPng meeting will be
Wed. and Thurs. from 1-3, the IPv6 Operational meeting will end just before
IPng starts, either Wed. or Thurs., depending on the day we choose.


Bob (and Marc)

PS: for those in town on Sunday, there will be an IEPG meeting (10-?? at
the Omni) for which Marc and I will try to get on the agenda to speak to
some operational topics listed above. Get yourselves on that meeting's
agenda if you can do it.