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Re: [datacenter] new datacenter evaluation?

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Chris Boyd wrote:

Calling your favorite carriers and asking if they can get to the address
of the building is the easiest.  Don't overlook the power company.

So far I've had no luck getting ahold of some of the carriers I know to be in the area (L3 through wiltel, Global Crossing, and Covad off the top of my head).

which poles or manholes they go to.  Buying beers for an outside plant
guy from the local cableco or telco can also help ;-)

We went for a hike up and down the road and RR tracks.... a lot of "fiber here! don't dig!" poles with names on them...that gave me some good ideas.

Verizon (LDDS, MCI), AT&T (all of their poles were wooden with almost gone aluminum signs), L3 (wiltel, telcove/kmc/epik), TWT, Bellsouth, Sprint, Qwest (qwest has 6 or 8 modulars on the RR side).

Progress (now L3, formerly the power company fiber) may go through here too.

I've worked with the local fiber guy for WilTel in the past, and know the guy who handles the city's fiber work (leased from TelCove). Need to get with them...

The building has at least 3 fiber entrances, though I haven't been able to open them yet. One heads to 2 modular's by the RR with the Epik name on them, one heads to the street, also with Epik's name on it, and I haven't found where the third one goes yet.

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