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[datacenter] new datacenter evaluation?


I know this list hasn't been active in a while..but I'll poke here first.

We're exploring an option to lease some datacenter space. Originally built as a CO before it was abandoned a few years ago. Physically in good shape.

Does anyone have suggestions for evaluating the facility, particularly how to discover what fiber/carriers are nearby? I'm not very familiar with the infrastructure, but it's right next to the railroad right of way, and by all appearances it's where all of the fiber in the area comes through (bellsouth CO 2 blocks away, wiltel/l3 1 block away, power substation across the tracks, long string of modulars right behind the building on the RR right of way, etc).

I'm finding it difficult to find information on /who/ is out there, though. Suggestions?

Feedback on other things to look for would be helpful as well....


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