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RE: [datacenter] new datacenter evaluation?

If you are planning to build it out yourself for your company's use
only, it will be more difficult to get carriers to hook into you.
Perhaps you could consider building out some additional space and have
that semi-ready for other tenants' use.  Then you could use that
expansion space as incentive for local carriers to light up your
building in hopes that they get future business there with other
clients.  Some carriers could also be interested in housing their gear
there for line maint. Purposes, etc...  If space permits and space
management business does not clash too harshly with your core business
model, you could find some mutual benefits in this location and save or
perhaps make some money to help you pay off some of your build-out

Try local town hall/city hall to browse through building/construction
permits, you may find some carrier names that way.

What city/state is this located in?

Arsen Khousnoutdinov
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I know this list hasn't been active in a while..but I'll poke here

We're exploring an option to lease some datacenter space.  Originally 
built as a CO before it was abandoned a few years ago.   Physically in 
good shape.

Does anyone have suggestions for evaluating the facility, particularly
to discover what fiber/carriers are nearby?   I'm not very familiar with

the infrastructure, but it's right next to the railroad right of way,
by all appearances it's where all of the fiber in the area comes through

(bellsouth CO 2 blocks away, wiltel/l3 1 block away, power substation 
across the tracks, long string of modulars right behind the building on 
the RR right of way, etc).

I'm finding it difficult to find information on /who/ is out there, 
though.  Suggestions?

Feedback on other things to look for would be helpful as well....


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