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Re: [datacenter] new datacenter evaluation?

On Tue, 2006-11-28 at 16:18, david raistrick wrote:
> Does anyone have suggestions for evaluating the facility, particularly how 
> to discover what fiber/carriers are nearby?   I'm not very familiar with 
> the infrastructure, but it's right next to the railroad right of way, and 
> by all appearances it's where all of the fiber in the area comes through 
> (bellsouth CO 2 blocks away, wiltel/l3 1 block away, power substation 
> across the tracks, long string of modulars right behind the building on 
> the RR right of way, etc).

Calling your favorite carriers and asking if they can get to the address
of the building is the easiest.  Don't overlook the power company.

If there's an entrance facility room with conduit coming in, see if you
can figure out which way they run outside the building and figure out
which poles or manholes they go to.  Buying beers for an outside plant
guy from the local cableco or telco can also help ;-)

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