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[datacenter] carrier neutral business plans and other things..


Still working through various issues relating to the maybe-new-to-me datacenter....everything is in the /very/ early stages.

My thoughts are to run the facility as carrier neutral. Does this still make sense in todays market?

How about business plans? This would be an entirely new area for me, having prefered to stick with behind the scenes engineering so far...never exactly wanted to be a business owner.

Does anyone have any information, suggestions, or examples relating to a datacenter's business plan? I know I've got a long row to hoe on this one....

To give you guys an idea of the building:

The facility is split in two floors, ~5,000 gross square foot each plus bumped-out stairwells on both side. The entry door "hall", freight elevator, and bathrooms consume ~260 sqft of this on each floor. First floor has another ~500sqft seperated off into a power/switching room. AC units take up space along the walls of the colo floors. (2 reportedly 54 tons on the 1st floor, 1 54 on the second floor existing) Outside units are roof mounted.

No raised floors, but ~20ft ceilings.

No other space in the facility, short of adding more floors on top. Limited parking on the lot (~3 spaces single parked, 10 if everyone was really friendly), so a NOC can't be onsite. Could sacrifice colo floor for a conference room, but don't know that it's worth it...

3, possibly 4 seperate fiber entrances. 2 or 3 have manhole covers on the property and connect to the builders conduit off the property.

2 empty generator pads, 1 still cabled to a transfer switch.

There is an existing -48VDC plant, including batteries. The batteries are not owned by the building owner, but are available to purchase. Reported to have been recently tested and have 80% of capacity.

Does it make sense to keep the -48? Is there enough demand for it (...way outside any major metro market...)?

There's very little preexisting VAC plant that I could tell, but details are still pending...

I guestimate about 7,000 sqft between the two floors of space for racks/cages (the VAC UPS would have to sit in space, or stick it in a modular outside with the generators..)

For the future, the surrounding area is mostly very rundown warehouses, a few houses, and a recent ministorage lot.

7 (well, 7 after all of the aquisitions...wiltel, progress and telcove are all L3 now..) carriers have longhaul fiber outside (100ft away or less) that I've identified for sure. A local CLEC has metro fiber in the connected conduit at the street. 2 carriers have regen huts outside. Close proximity to at least 3 carriers local SONET rings. I'm fairly certain at least 3 other carriers have longhaul out there but I haven't confirmed it yet.

Anyway, most of the above is rambling. The real question was about the business plan....;)


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