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Re: [datacenter] new datacenter evaluation?

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Richard Marvin wrote:

If that's an actively used RR right of way, do you realize how much vibration will be transmitted into your equipment? People here who live within a few blocks of the CSX line can't put things on shelves, because the vibrations from passing freight trains will walk them off the edge of the shelf.

Mmm. Good point, though I spent many an hour in the wiltel/l3 building only a block away on the other side of the tracks (no buildings, just power company storage lot between the building and tracks) and never noticed the train.

Our office is 2 blocks away from the same tracks further south, and we've never noticed the train.

I do get caught by it at times..seems to run about 40mph through there.

Spent some time at a friends house across from the tracks in Marietta, though, so I /do/ know what you mean....


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