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Cogent sales reps who actually respond

>>> 1. Sprint peering battle. Google it
>>> 2. He.net peering battle. Google it.
>>> 3. Google IPv6 peering battle. Google it.
>>> All of which point to them being pompous assholes.
>> or point to them treating ipv6 the same as ipv4 when it comes to
>> peering, tech, ...  we are supposed to think ipv6 parity is a good
>> thing.
> Can you elaborate on this? What are they doing/not doing that you take
> issue with?

i am not taking issue; the opposite.

cogent says that it peers v6 if and only if you are a v4 peer.  some
folk seem to think v6 peering should more more promiscuous.  they are
entitled to their opinions :)