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Mx204 alternative

On Tue, 3 Sep 2019 at 10:27, Å?ukasz Bromirski <lukasz at bromirski.net> wrote:

> 64B traffic simply doesnâ??t happen apart from DDoS scenarios, so
> why bother at all? Customers anyway want to use dedicated

ACK. And as such, you're not going to get DDoS on all ports at the
same time. So you just need to have enough ports on a chip and even
very high average packet size, is more than enough. And if you
absolutely need 64B on every port, that's easy, just put putty on the
remaining ports, boom.
The problem is when you rock 1 chip per port and you don't get 64B.
But if it's 8, 16, 32 ports per chip, 64B is simply not needed.

And like you said, QoS and filters usually have 0 pps cost. Only
feature that typically has pps cost is uRPF which is not really needed
for anything.