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Mx204 alternative

man. 2. sep. 2019 10.22 skrev Mark Tinka <mark.tinka at seacom.mu>:

> On 8/Aug/19 08:33, Baldur Norddahl wrote:
> > 45k? No no, the mx204 with enough license to do BGP is more like 20k -
> > 25k or less. It is actually quite cheap, so I doubt the OP will find
> > anything much cheaper without going used or do a software router.
> >
> > I feel it should be mentioned that a Linux box with 4x10G NIC and some
> > random switch as port expander also will be able to fulfil the
> > requirements and for a fraction of any other solution.
> Including the code maturity for BGP, IS-IS, OSPF and friends?
> Mark.

Maturity is such a subjective word. But yes there are plenty of options for
routing protocols on a Linux. Every internet exchange is running BGP on
Linux for the route server after all.

I am not recommending a server over MX204. I think MX204 is brilliant. It
is one of the cheapest options and if that is not cheap enough, THEN the
server solution is probably what you may be looking for.

You can move a lot of traffic even with an old leftover server. Especially
if you are not concerned with moving 64 bytes DDoS at line speed, because
likely you would be down anyway in that case.

As to the OPEX I would claim there are small shops that would have an
easier time with a server, because they know how to do that. They would
have only one or two routers and learning how to run JUNOS just for that
might never happen. It all depends on what workforce you have. Network
people or server guys?


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