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Massive Price Increase for X-conns at Telehouse Chelsea, NYC

On 20/Sep/18 16:00, Andrew Ashley wrote:

> Agreed. This is a topic worthy of discussion all on its own! 
> Wonder how much of colo/DC operator space and revenue public cloud is eating in 2018?

NAPAfrica employ a "free x-connect" model to peer at their exchange
point provided you are a paying customer within their (Teraco) data
centre in South Africa.

Any x-connects you order that are not going to touch the exchange point
are charged for (nowhere near the pricing you're typically seeing the
U.S., I might add).

They have gone one step further and offered free ports at their exchange
point for their members. Again, provided you are a paying customer
within their data centre.

The model has been wildly successful, making it the largest data centre
in Africa in a span of (if my memory is correct) a little under 3 years,
far surpassing some that were there before.

So, just an example of an element where a free-and-pay element has been
reasonably successful without any rent-seeking behaviour.

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