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Massive Price Increase for X-conns at Telehouse Chelsea, NYC

at 10:57 AM, Fredy Kuenzler <kuenzler at init7.net> wrote:

> Is anyone else affected by a massive price increase for x-conns by
> Telehouse Chelsea?
> When we moved in a few years ago they were asking 150$, it changed to
> 200$ and now we are asked to pay 260$. That's 73% more. I don't think
> inflation is that high in the United states.
> I get the impression that they feel comfortable enough to abuse their
> position. When we complained they simply said 'you may consider to
> cancel the contract'.
> Of course they don't provide any better service, in fact, the service
> quality is commonly indirectly proportional to the price at most 'big
> names'. #rant
> I suggest to anyone considering to buy colocation space in NYC (or
> elsewhere) not to choose Telehouse, unlike a few years ago.
> -- 
> Fredy Kuenzler
> Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.

$300 MRC for a once-off cross connect isnâ??t unreasonable.   Thereâ??s costs  
and labor involved in running that cable through a riser.  Especially if  
you want it in innerduct.

Iâ??m not sure what Telehouseâ??s policies are because Iâ??m not a customer, but  
some companies (TelX comes to mind) you can order them in bulk at a  
significant discount.   Even with the extra labor involved in splicing it  
to a panel, running a 12 or 24 count cable into a cabinet is a much easier  
pill to swallow than having a guy up on a ladder or under a floor every  
time you want to turn up a customer.

Then thereâ??s always off-market options too.   You donâ??t need to be in New  
York to have decent connectivity to the New York metro region.   Thereâ??s a  
few places in Jersey that offer free cross connects in their meet-me rooms  
because theyâ??re so desperate to have carriers move into their  
facilities.    I donâ??t think many of them have connectivity to major  
peering fabrics, though.