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Massive Price Increase for X-conns at Telehouse Chelsea, NYC

>    Equinix were a leader in bringing this to the UK, they have said they
>    want to get the UK charges to US levels (so >10x increase still to
>    come). US pricing already matches metro waves so we face paying
>    twice the cost of the wave to the DCs for the short interconnects.
Our Internap (reselling Equinix) xconnects at Equinix in Ashburn recently jumped from $250 MRC to $350 overnight. According to the Equinix account manager, their "standard" increase is only 5% p.a. In my experience, US facility MRC's are (generally) always x times more expensive than European equivalent, if there is even an MRC although maybe that is changing as others have mentioned.
I guess you could also draw somewhat similar comparisons with IX business models between the US and Europe (commercial vs mutual).

> They started charging but I can't attribute
 >the growing empty rack space to that, more likely AWS is the cause of
 >that and a driver for increasing xcon fees to make up revenue.
 >   brandon 
Agreed. This is a topic worthy of discussion all on its own! 
Wonder how much of colo/DC operator space and revenue public cloud is eating in 2018?