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Massive Price Increase for X-conns at Telehouse Chelsea, NYC

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 11:30 AM, Daniel Corbe <dcorbe at hammerfiber.com> wrote:
> $300 MRC for a once-off cross connect isnâ??t unreasonable.   Thereâ??s costs
> and labor involved in running that cable through a riser.  Especially if you
> want it in innerduct.

Hi Daniel,

A $300 Non-Recurring Cost, sure. The MONTHLY Recurring Cost of
maintaining that cable is not zero, especially if it's in a campus not
just one building, but it's pretty close to zero. Charging the
customer a $300 MRC may not be unusual but it is unreasonable.

I get that floorspace and power is priced pretty close to
cost-recovery so that cross connects are one of the only profit
centers for a carrier neutral facility. It's still obnoxious.

Bill Herrin

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