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Massive Price Increase for X-conns at Telehouse Chelsea, NYC

My current facility (in the Ashburn, VA, USA area) is $25/mo with two for
free, but when I was shopping around, most other facilities were at least
$300/mo. Certainly not unusual but I agree it's excessive.

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 4:26 PM, Phil Lavin <phil.lavin at cloudcall.com>

> > $350/mo seems to be standard. Our DCs are at $250.    Seems more like
> they held onto out of date pricing for a long time then realized it.
> For what it's worth, Telehouse London is around 30 USD/month for an
> x-connect within the same building. Our US datacentre (not Telehouse) on
> the other hand is around 200 USD/month. It's always felt disproportionally
> expensive but maybe those kind of prices are expected for the North America
> region.
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