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Massive Price Increase for X-conns at Telehouse Chelsea, NYC

Is anyone else affected by a massive price increase for x-conns by
Telehouse Chelsea?

When we moved in a few years ago they were asking 150$, it changed to
200$ and now we are asked to pay 260$. That's 73% more. I don't think
inflation is that high in the United states.

I get the impression that they feel comfortable enough to abuse their
position. When we complained they simply said 'you may consider to
cancel the contract'.

Of course they don't provide any better service, in fact, the service
quality is commonly indirectly proportional to the price at most 'big
names'. #rant

I suggest to anyone considering to buy colocation space in NYC (or
elsewhere) not to choose Telehouse, unlike a few years ago.

Fredy Kuenzler
Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.

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