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netflix OCA in a CG-NAT world

> On Sep 17, 2018, at 6:54 AM, Tom Ammon <thomasammon at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm looking to understand the impact of CG-NAT on a set of netflix OCAs, in an ISP environment. I see in Netflix's FAQ on the subject that traffic sourced from RFC 1918/6598 endpoints can't be delivered to the OCA. Is this simply a matter of deploying the OCA on the outside of the CGN layer? What are the other consequences of CGN upon the OCA?

Yes, you want to deploy it outside your CG-NAT.  

I also strongly suggest you look at how to get native IPv6 from your clients behind the CG-NAT rolled out.  I know many folks have had issues with various CDNs and the number of devices that reach out.  This is why folks get the Google captcha, etc.

Giving those end-users an alternate way out will help.  I understand this may take effort and is harder for folks using UBNT & Tik gear in a smaller environment, but there is value for your end-users.

- Jared