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Massive Price Increase for X-conns at Telehouse Chelsea, NYC

On 9/17/18 7:57 AM, Fredy Kuenzler wrote:
> Is anyone else affected by a massive price increase for x-conns by
> Telehouse Chelsea?
> When we moved in a few years ago they were asking 150$, it changed to
> 200$ and now we are asked to pay 260$. That's 73% more. I don't think
> inflation is that high in the United states.
> I get the impression that they feel comfortable enough to abuse their
> position. When we complained they simply said 'you may consider to
> cancel the contract'.

They know that most people will complain, but they very few will 
actually pull the trigger on a cancel. I see attitudes like this change 
with ownership or new executives looking to make their mark. Prices will 
keep going up until whatever metric of how many customers actually 
cancel is met.

If you're able to cancel, I say do it. One of two things will happen: 
you'll call their bluff and get offered a better rate, or 2) you get to 
move somewhere that has a better rate and you know to make sure it's 
contracted or has a cap on how much it can increase on an annual basis. 
Yes, moving is horribly inconvenient, but in my opinion it's worse to 
work with a company who is hostile towards their customers.