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Average number of ports on OLT cards

Quick question: (sanity check).

For a deployment happening now by an incumbent telco (aka: serving large
number of homes), how many GPON ports would it want per each OLT card ?

or more precisely, what sort of range is there for the number of ports
for such a deployment?

(The CRTC in Canada is asking for costing info for 4 port cards, so
wondering if this could be squewing the cost per port if cards today are
generally deployed with say 8 or 16 ports).

As an example of where I am coming from:  Bell Canada claimed that
Juniper E320s  costed $x and had 1 gbps of capacity, which means $x per
gbps of capacity, when in fact, the actual real life capacity with PPPoE
going to L2TP links was about 80gbps, which means $x/80 per gbps, so
significant difference in cost per gbps.