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Average number of ports on OLT cards

Ports typically range from 4 to 16 per card, depending on the model 
and vendor.

Larger chassis typically have from 16 to 18 slots.

You also have to take in to account oversubscription rates on the 
port to subscriber, port card to backplane and uplink card to network 
portions of the system.  Some providers may be more conservative in 
their provisioning than others.

At 05:38 PM 02/03/2018, Jean-Francois Mezei wrote:
>Quick question: (sanity check).
>For a deployment happening now by an incumbent telco (aka: serving large
>number of homes), how many GPON ports would it want per each OLT card ?
>or more precisely, what sort of range is there for the number of ports
>for such a deployment?
>(The CRTC in Canada is asking for costing info for 4 port cards, so
>wondering if this could be squewing the cost per port if cards today are
>generally deployed with say 8 or 16 ports).
>As an example of where I am coming from:  Bell Canada claimed that
>Juniper E320s  costed $x and had 1 gbps of capacity, which means $x per
>gbps of capacity, when in fact, the actual real life capacity with PPPoE
>going to L2TP links was about 80gbps, which means $x/80 per gbps, so
>significant difference in cost per gbps.


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