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AS Numbers unused/sitting for long periods of time

On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 5:46 PM, James Breeden <James at arenalgroup.co> wrote:

> I'm amazed at the number of AS numbers that are assigned, but not actively
> being used. I'm not talking just like they are offline for a week or month,
> this is complete non-use of the AS in the global routing table within
> *years*. They are completely abandoned resources - Whois data is inaccurate
> by 5-10 years, no routeviews data in the same time period, the owning
> organization (if you can find it) scratches their heads about responding
> whether they use it or not, etc.

Hi James,

What's it worth to you? Literally, whats the maximum amount of money you're
willing to spend on an AS number recovery effort before you figure, "meh,
it's not worth it?"

And before you come back with "Well they may be using it internally where
> it doesn't need to be in the GRT" - that's why we have Private AS numbers.

Private AS numbers suffer from the same interconnection collision issues as
private IP addresses and if you have a private AS it's *because* you're
interconnecting networks.

Bill Herrin

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