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Is multihoming hard? [was: DNS amplification]

On Mar 24, 2013, at 12:06 PM, William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> wrote:
> ...
> For most folks under 30 and many who are older, Internet isn't a side
> show, it's a way of life. An outage is like a power failure or the car
> going kaput: a major disruption to life's flow.

Yes, this is increasingly the case (and may not be as generational
as you think)

> This need won't be ubiquitous for two to three decades, but every year
> between now and then the percentage of your customer base which
> demands unabridged connectivity will grow.

I believe that the percentage which _expects_ unabridged connectivity 
today is quite high, but that does not necessarily mean actual _demand_
(i.e. folks who go out and make the necessary arrangements despite the
added cost and hassle...)

The power analogy might be apt here; I know many folks who have a home
UPS, a few that have a manual generator, and just one or two who did
the entire home automatic UPS/generator combo that's really necessary
for 100% reliable power.  This reflects a truism: while many people may
expect 100% reliable today, the demand (in most areas) simply doesn't 
> What do you have in the pipeline to address that demand as it arrives?

See above: increasing expectations does not necessarily equate with demand.


Disclaimer: My views alone.  Sent via less than 100% reliable networks.