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[c-nsp] DNS amplification

On 20 March 2013 11:44, Arturo Servin <arturo.servin at gmail.com> wrote:

>         The last presentations that I saw about it said that we are going
> to be
> fine:
> http://www.iepg.org/2011-11-ietf82/2011-11-13-bgp2011.pdf
> http://www.iepg.org/2011-11-ietf82/iepg-201111.pdf
It isn't just about "imminient death of the net predicted" though - our
reliance on the current BGP model for route adverisement is restricting the
deployment of better connectivity paradigms.

For example I know there are enterprises that would  like to multihome but
they find the current mechanism a barrier to this - for a start they can't
justify the size of PI space that would guarantee them entry to the global
routing table.

ISPs differentiate between "regular" and "BGP-capable" connections - is
this desirable for the evolution of the Internet?  or is it the reason that
BGP appears to be able to cope, because ISPs are throttling the potential

LISP is about seperating the role of the ISP (as routing provider) from the
end user or content provider/consumer.