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[c-nsp] DNS amplification

i am not saying bgp and forwarding can deal with growth forever, but

  o over my career, the death of spinning oxide has always been two
    years away.  yet the hardwhere jocks have continued to pull the
    rabbit out of the hat.  perhaps, many decades later, ssds have
    finally caught up and physical limits are finally approaching.

  o a dozen or so years ago, i shared an nsf grant with lixia, dan, and
    others called "better bgp," based on the assumption that bgp was not
    gonna scale.  i took the contrary position, we actually had no clear
    measurement showing it was not going to scale.  out of this came
    beacons, 'happy packets', etc.

so i think we need some measurements of the sky before we can judge the
rate of its descent.