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> Is it possible to order a ISDN BRI line from the LEC and have them
> look at the design of a DS1 and have them if possible design the ISDN
> BRI lineon a devurse path or at lest different equipment within the
> CO?

Effectively: No.  You might find a salescritter willing to *sell* you
such a thing, but it's not likely to have any basis in reality, at
least long-term.

In the general case, telcos try *not* to have diverse paths for end-
user lines; for them, it's simpler to have one big mondo cable hauling
lots of connections into an area than it is to have three or four that
are running in separate directions.  You can certainly find 
counterexamples where some level of diversity might be available (such
as a different cable hanging on the same poles), but actual diversity
from start to finish is tough.

You would be slightly better off with a DS1 and a connection from the
cable company; they may share a bunch of poles, but at some point it
will diverge and you're largely guaranteed to be on somewhat different
equipment in the CO/headend, heh.

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