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> From: "Santino Codispoti" <santino.codispoti at gmail.com>

> Is it possible to order a ISDN BRI line from the LEC and have them
> look at the design of a DS1 and have them if possible design the ISDN
> BRI line on a diverse path or at lest different equipment within the
> CO?

Off hand, I wouldn't expect a carrier to do any special engineering on
a BRI -- can you even *order* a BRI these days?  :-)

As old NANOG hands know, though, it doesn't matter *what* you ask for,
few-to-no carriers properly manage physical diversity requests properly
over the long haul, anyway, and the only way to do it yourself often
requires that you ask the carrier for records they won't give you.

Regularly.  Like, monthly.

Even if you're paying them extra for the diversity.

-- jra