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What you can do is (if you are important enough) apply for TSP (tsp.ncs.gov) in conjunction with provisioning of a circuit to actually have this type of engineering happen and persist, including emergency restoration.  If your local carrier doesn't offer the redundancy you want, your only other choice is to build it yourself.  Considering the cost of lighting a 10G or 1G strand of fiber for 10km or 20km, working with a BRI isn't that important anymore.

- Jared 
(who has a BRI line for his "POTS" at home to get clean dial tone at his distance from the CO)

On Feb 17, 2011, at 6:46 AM, Justin M. Streiner wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Feb 2011, Santino Codispoti wrote:
>> Is it possible to order a ISDN BRI line from the LEC and have them
>> look at the design of a DS1 and have them if possible design the ISDN
>> BRI lineon a devurse path or at lest different equipment within the
>> CO?
> I suspect that, particularly for something as small (in terms of revenue to the LEC) as a BRI circuit, you won't have much leverage to ask for anything 'off the menu', like diverse physical routing through the CO.
> When you get to the point of dealing with the copper in the ground/on the pole, your options for route diversity are usually extremely limited (read: nonexistent).  Telco copper plant is usually based on large multipair cables from the CO on a specific route, so even if you managed to get them to commit to diverse routeing in the CO, the copper pairs will still be in the same cable bundle, entering your building and the CO at the same points.
> jms