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On Thursday, February 17, 2011 10:21:18 am Santino Codispoti wrote:
> Is it possible to order a ISDN BRI line from the LEC and have them
> look at the design of a DS1 and have them if possible design the ISDN
> BRI lineon a devurse path or at lest different equipment within the
> CO?

As I understand the question, you want the BRI to be path diverse to the DS1's path, correct?

It would depend upon how well you know the tech folk at the telco, and whether there is existing or planned transport in multiple directions from your site.

Even if you order bona fide protected circuits, you're not likely to be guaranteed physical path diversity.

Having said that, lots of telcos will work with you if you know the people to work with, and some will quote you a term agreement for the physical plant provisioning as an additional cost, and probably for three to five years terms.