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[ih] inter-network communication history

> Anyway, NETCONF and YANG are currently taking over the universe. I haven't
> noticed a new MIB module in the IETF world for quite a while. Only two
> MIB RFCs were published in 2018, and none this year. There are also only
> two MIBs in Internet Draft format, one started in 2014 and the other started
> in 2016. MIBs are apparently a dying breed. There are currently 152 active
> Internet Drafts related to YANG. Game over.

We need to use past tense here.  NETCONF and YANG _have_ taken over the universe. 
Done. Game, set, and match.

The bad news is that the YANG models have forked, with OpenConfig publishing an
entirely separate, incompatible set of models. And the industry is following OpenConfig.

>From the front lines,

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