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[ih] Internet meeting - Catalina Island, California, circa 1980?

Since Cliff's distribution of the 14MB PDF document via email came to
me as well, I've put it on my personal web server for those who would
like to pick up the document in a more convenient form.  I don't
promise to keep it there indefinitely.


The other item there that might be of interest to some on this list is
the MPEG digitization of the movie we made at ISI in 1978 about packet
voice conferencing.  This movie is also on YouTube.


                                                        -- Steve

On Tue, 25 Sep 2018, Jack Haverty wrote:

> More new data - courtesy again of Cliff Weinstein, who actually found
> the Proceedings of that Workshop, scanned the document into bits and
> sent them to me.  It's 40+ pages of interesting insight into the way we
> were thinking back then, and the innards of the processes that might
> have eventually led to IENs and "standards".  The discussion revolved
> around the question of what it meant to "manage" The Internet and how to
> do it.
> The Proceedings are here:
> https://photos.app.goo.gl/NQTqt6XRtVBFQLy26
> It was interesting getting them online...  I've been trying to succumb
> to the hype and explore what "cloud computing" is like today.
> I discovered that email wouldn't work - this list won't accept anything
> bigger than 400KB.  Emailing large files is anti-social anyway.  Can't
> just launch large objects into the cloud that way.
> So I figured I'd upload Cliff's PDF document into the cloud as I did
> with that 1983 photo -- Just like I would have done back in the days of
> the SRI-NIC et al.  Piece of cake, right...?
> It was an interesting exercise.  I fired up Google Docs, as a plausible
> cloudlet into which a historic document might reside.  No joy - after
> much poking through menus and screens, I learned that Google Docs
> doesn't support docs - at least not PDF docs, probably the most common
> form of document I encounter.  Seems a bit strange..?  But that's how it is.
> So I found a site that would convert my PDF document into PNG images -
> 40+ of them, one file per page, all collected in a zip file which I
> downloaded to my desktop.  I guess PNG doesn't support multi-page
> graphics either.
> PNG images apparently aren't Docs either.  So I fired up Google Photos,
> and learned that I couldn't upload a zip file, since that tried-and-true
> format isn't supported either.   So I uploaded all the individual PNGs,
> created an "album", and put them there.  The link above will take you there.
> I have to admit that I'm a neophyte user of "The Cloud", still used to
> FTPing, SRI-NIC, and all that ancient historical cloud technology by
> which we shared documents 40+ years ago.
> Maybe I could have used some other cloudlet - a Yahoo group, or
> groups.io, or one of the gaggle of Social Media hotspots.  I didn't
> explore those.
> So maybe there's a better way?  If so, it wasn't obvious to this naive
> Cloud user...  It seems after so many years it shouldn't be this hard.
> Enjoy,
> /Jack Haverty
> On 09/24/2018 06:09 PM, Jack Haverty wrote:
> > New data - Cliff Weinstein found his paper copy of the original emailed
> > invitation to a "DARPA Workshop on Network Management", issued by "Vint
> > Cerf and Barry leiner" in August 1982, for a 3-day workshop to be held
> > 11-13 January 1983.  So I'm 99% convinced that's the meeting where the
> > picture was taken.
> >
> > Cliff's copy of that email is attached with his permission (hope it gets
> > through...).
> >
> > The "price of admission" was a "brief position statement reflecting your
> > view of important issues, methods, and results".
> >
> > IIRC, I submitted something on the topic of "Automated Network
> > Management" which Bob Kahn subsequently funded as a project for the next
> > funding cycle.
> >
> > I wonder if any of such material survives somewhere .... or if Jon or
> > anyone wrote up any minutes.
> >
> > /Jack Haverty
> >
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