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[ih] Internet meeting - Catalina Island, California, circa 1980?

In a recent basement archeological expedition, I unearthed a "group
photo" taken at the Internet meeting held on Catalina Island,
California.  It occurred in the early days of the Internet, but my
Google searching hasn't turned up any references to that meeting.  But
apparently I took this picture:


This was taken at the mansion on top of the mountain overlooking the
harbor - you can see the harbor on the right.  Jon Postel arranged for
us to use the Wrigley mansion, which was somehow related to USC-ISI.  I
still recall the trip in the ferry from LA, through dense fog until
suddenly the Catalina dock appeared out of the gray just a hundred feet

I remember most of the people.  Still a few I can't place.  From the
left: either Dick Watson or Dale McNeill, hard to tell, then Jim Forgie,
Jim Herman, Barry Leiner, Gil Falk, (someone I can't remember), Jon
Postel, Steve Kent, (someone I also can't remember, kneeling), Dave
Clark, Dave Mills, and Jack Haverty (me).  I probably took the picture
by setting the auto timer on my camera and then scurrying back to get in
line.  There were more people at the meeting so this must have been
whoever was available at the particular time.

Anybody have any idea when this meeting occurred?

I thought this picture might be of historical interest.  I haven't seen
many pictures from those days when we still did photos chemically and
didn't have ways to turn them into bits, networks that could convey them
or disk space to hold them.

/Jack Haverty