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[ih] Internet meeting - Catalina Island, California, circa 1980?

New data - Cliff Weinstein found his paper copy of the original emailed
invitation to a "DARPA Workshop on Network Management", issued by "Vint
Cerf and Barry leiner" in August 1982, for a 3-day workshop to be held
11-13 January 1983.  So I'm 99% convinced that's the meeting where the
picture was taken.

Cliff's copy of that email is attached with his permission (hope it gets

The "price of admission" was a "brief position statement reflecting your
view of important issues, methods, and results".

IIRC, I submitted something on the topic of "Automated Network
Management" which Bob Kahn subsequently funded as a project for the next
funding cycle.

I wonder if any of such material survives somewhere .... or if Jon or
anyone wrote up any minutes.

/Jack Haverty

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