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[ih] Internet meeting - Catalina Island, California, circa 1980?

Jack Haverty wrote in <7a8dfe96-160e-2855-5061-d7ded742ec50 at 3kitty.org>:
 |More new data - courtesy again of Cliff Weinstein, who actually found
 |the Proceedings of that Workshop, scanned the document into bits and
 |sent them to me.  It's 40+ pages of interesting insight into the way we
 |were thinking back then, and the innards of the processes that might
 |have eventually led to IENs and "standards".  The discussion revolved
 |around the question of what it meant to "manage" The Internet and how to
 |do it.
 |The Proceedings are here:
 |I discovered that email wouldn't work - this list won't accept anything
 |bigger than 400KB.  Emailing large files is anti-social anyway.  Can't
 |just launch large objects into the cloud that way.
 |So I figured I'd upload Cliff's PDF document into the cloud as I did
 |with that 1983 photo -- Just like I would have done back in the days of
 |the SRI-NIC et al.  Piece of cake, right...?
 |It was an interesting exercise.  I fired up Google Docs, as a plausible
 |Maybe I could have used some other cloudlet - a Yahoo group, or
 |groups.io, or one of the gaggle of Social Media hotspots.  I didn't
 |explore those.
 |So maybe there's a better way?  If so, it wasn't obvious to this naive
 |Cloud user...  It seems after so many years it shouldn't be this hard.

I used to have a dropbox.com account for this purpose.
The free version offers 2GB of space and much more.
(I used it only once or twice in the end, with a few snippets of
text data to be shared, now they auto-closed the account again
because it was stale.  All iirc.)

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