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[ih] [IP] EFF calls for signatures from Internet Engineers against censorship

I believe what is really necessary, is some movement to reduce the
level of mistrust from both sides.

IMHO lack of dialog and engagement is a big issue, even if one tries
to engage and participate in a cooperative manner, the stakes are so
high and the money/profit driven engine is spinning so fast that it is
almost impossible in some circumstances obtain positive and effective

It is really disappointing to see for example ICANN's GAC relationship
with the rest of the community, and vice versa. And the time it
requires to understand the context,  the issues and alternative
solutions becomes almost a full time job.

The DNS has been transformed in this huge monster billboard with so
many interests that every day Jon Postel's words about "rights" and
"ownership" vs "responsibilities" and "service" are slowly fading

I agree with you Vint, the collective brain power of this community to
tackle a problem such as online piracy is huge, if somehow mutual
trust and understanding can be reached to work together.

I'm really concerned about the ripple effect any regulation such as
SOPA/PIPA may generate, if you are concerned about the lack of clue of
U.S. legislators, reality is worse in some developing countries. I'm
already seeing some changes where governments are trying to have a
tighter control of the DNS because it is ill perceived as one of the
key elements to control the flow of information on the net.

Here you have Goodlatte, there we have Badcoffee.


On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 7:37 PM, Vint Cerf <vint at google.com> wrote:
> I spent 2 hours with ICE reviewing their domain seizure practices and
> have committed to engage the technical community to look for
> alternative mechanisms to fight piracy in lieu of domain name seizure
> or the mechanisms of the ill-conceived SOPA/PIPA. I may be calling on
> some of you to engage.
> vint