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[ih] [IP] EFF calls for signatures from Internet Engineers against censorship

On Dec 19, 2011, at 9:28 AM, Dave CROCKER wrote:

> It suffers from a degree of factual accuracy while being entirely misleading.

No intent to be misleading... 

> Its premise is that the cited problem would not exist, had the early development effort merely attended to the need.

That's not my premise.

> That is, it presumes that solutions to such concerns are/were technically available, well-understood, highly effective, and would have been likely to obtain community consensus.
> None of those 4 conditions actually applied or even apply now(!)
> At base, these problems derive from entirely social problems and they have had limited-to-no solution outside of the Internet context, that is, in the "real" world.  

Please reread my note: I noted that the benefit of having such mechanisms 
in this case *is not that they would be useful* as a solution, but that 
they would serve to highlight that the  underlying problems are the result 
of "actual failure of common values & diplomacy" (i.e. or as you put it,
derived from entirely social problems)