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[ih] [IP] EFF calls for signatures from Internet Engineers against censorship

On Dec 19, 2011, at 10:40 PM, Dave CROCKER wrote:

>> In fact, if there were actually a pervasive Internet usage/accounting framework
>> deployed, we'd be dealing with a very different problem than SOPA... The ability
>> to definitively obtain who downloaded what content would have created enormous
>> pressure for after-the-fact billing and/or prosecution rather than controls on
>> the distribution side.
> What is unfortunate is the range of explanations for seeking to move more and more control into the network transport infrastructure, exactly contrary to the original design goal of the Internet (and in contrast with a core design characteristic of the Arpanet.)
> It's really quite frustrating to see how easily the end-to-end arguments are being dismissed or, at least, undermined.

Dave - 
  An accurate common accounting framework does not necessarily move "more 
  and more control into the network transport infrastructure" nor does it 
  undermine "the end-to-end arguments" of Internet architecture.

  Failure to constructively engage with governments regarding their needs, 
  however, will result in damage to the Internet architecture as they adopt 
  initiatives (such as SOPA) to impose their requirements after the fact.

  The Internet is a remarkable success, and I believe that its history shows
  great respect for the requirements known at the time, but we'd be deluding 
  ourselves to state that all parties who have valid requirements for this
  global communication medium were actually at the table during its formation.