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[ih] [IP] EFF calls for signatures from Internet Engineers against censorship

On Dec 19, 2011, at 4:22 AM, Vint Cerf wrote:

> has anyone seen the present state of the bill after two days of mark up?

Present state is here <http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings/mark_12152011.html>

The "Manager's Amendment" is the base admendment, and there are have been four
voice votes and one roll vote which have passed and therefore have modified the 
base amendment.  Text of all motions to amend and disposition are on the website.

At present, the bill provides for domestic ISPs to be required by "order" to 
block (via DNS filtering or other means) websites or portions of websites from 
being accessed by their domestic customers.  It enables government to order an 
otherwise uninvolved party (the ISP) to interfere with the communications of
its customers for the presumed financial benefit of third-party content owners.
Depending how one reads the text, such orders either require the decision of 
the US Attny Gen or decision of a federal court, and attempts to clarify 
this point via amendment have failed repeatedly during the markup process.