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[ih] invention of multicast addressing

Quoting Peter Schow <p.schow at comcast.net>:

> Or the shorter more-accessible Dalal and Metcalfe CACM paper may
> provide some clues:

The paper on CACM by Dalal refers to another paper by Paoletti on AUTODIN

Paoletti, L.M. AUTODIN. In Computer Communication Networks, R.L.  
Grimsdale and F.F. Kuo, Eds. (Proc. NATO Advanced Study Inst. Comptr.  
Comm. Networks, Sussex, U.K., Sept. 1973), Noordoff Int. Publ.,  
Leyden, 1975.

"Each ASC has the capability of accepting traffic from, at most, 200  
subscriber terminals which can vary in speed from 45 to 4800 bits per  
second. The average message length is 2,000 characters; the maximum  
message length is 40,000 characters. The average address multiplicity  
per message is 1.75."

The URL of that paper is http://www.rogerdmoore.ca/PS/ADINC.html


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