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[ih] invention of multicast addressing

Hi folks:

I'm trying to nail down when the concept of a "multicast address" came about
(just a little citation in a larger paper I'm writing).

In 1976 in the original Ethernet paper, there was unicast and broadcast.

In 1978, in their survey of local networks, Clark, Pogran and Reed mention
in passing that Mockapetris is playing around with bit wildcarding that
permits multiple addressees using one address.

In the 1980 Ethernet specification there are Ethernet multicast addresses as we 
know them today.

Digging a bit deeper from references in later papers, it appears that
Mockapetris, Lyle and Farber may have proposed a form of multicasting in 1977
(IFIP Congress paper of August 1977 that I don't have).

That suggests that someone saw the Mockapetris-Lyle-Farber idea, simplified it
and put it into the 1980 Ethernet standard (where it sat unused for several
years...).  But I can find no trail... Anyone got insights?