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[ih] invention of multicast addressing


On 5/7/2010 6:41 PM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      >  From: Dave Farber<dave at farber.net>
>      >  A critical part of the Irvine ring was a multiaddress capability. I
>      >  will hunt the paper when I get home. Date about 1972
> I think I must have forgotten some earlier UC Irvine work when I made this
> comment:
>      >>  ... it appears that Mockapetris, Lyle and Farber may have proposed a
>      >>  form of multicasting in 1977 (IFIP Congress paper of August 1977 that I
>      >>  don't have).
>      >  The UC Irvine stuff ... The hardware implementation is described at a
>      >  high level in:
>      >   IEN-82, "LCS Net Address Format"
>      >  since the MIT V1 Ring was the Irvine ring
> since it sounds from the above that there was an earlier UC Irvine ring (in
> the early 70s), and the Mockapetric design that MIT implemented (starting in
> the fall of '77) was a second-generation design?

As I recall, the MIT version of the Irvine ring tossed out the process 
addressing table, which had taken about a quarter of the board's real estate. 
This would have eliminated the very natural "multiaddress" potential of the 
ring, although it could have been present in a different form of course.

I've copied Ken Porgran, in case he can offer some first-hand clarity.



   Dave Crocker
   Brandenburg InternetWorking