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[ih] invention of multicast addressing

    > From: Dave Farber <dave at farber.net>

    > A critical part of the Irvine ring was a multiaddress capability. I
    > will hunt the paper when I get home. Date about 1972

I think I must have forgotten some earlier UC Irvine work when I made this

    >> ... it appears that Mockapetris, Lyle and Farber may have proposed a
    >> form of multicasting in 1977 (IFIP Congress paper of August 1977 that I
    >> don't have).

    > The UC Irvine stuff ... The hardware implementation is described at a
    > high level in:
    >  IEN-82, "LCS Net Address Format"
    > since the MIT V1 Ring was the Irvine ring

since it sounds from the above that there was an earlier UC Irvine ring (in
the early 70s), and the Mockapetric design that MIT implemented (starting in
the fall of '77) was a second-generation design?