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Re: [Captive-portals] CAPPORT meeting at IETF95 in Buenos Aires.

On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 2:26 PM Michael Richardson <[email protected]> wrote:

Warren Kumari <[email protected]> wrote:
    mcr>     A good read, where are we going with this document?

    > Potentially no where -- it may or may not get published as an RFC, but
    > whatever the case, I've found it it be really helpful to have some
    > thing like a problem statement document to make sure that everyone
    > (newcomers and long time WG participants) are all working on the same
    > page.

Yes.  I'd like to ask that we consider is step one of outreach, and that we
consider making 7-12 slides to explain captive portal risks to:
  1) marketing people.
  2) end-users
  3) computer programmers (not necessarily network people)

Yup. One of the things that we've heard from multiple people is that they'd like a "survey of the industry" -a better understanding why operators deploy captive portals and also defeat the captive portal probes.  We've heard a number of motivations for deploying a CP.
These include:
AUP / legal protection,
advertising (eyeballs / "watch my 30 second ad video" / "Like me on Facebook for access"),
only allowing employees / some other class).

We've also heard a number of reasons for defeating the probe - mainly "In order to show my ad I need a fully featured browser" or "In order to have people like me on Facebook their browser needs access to their cookies".

But, most of these have been anecdotal, mentioned in passing -- we'd appreciate it if someone wold be willing to take this on as a document. 

It would be great if the slide deck also asked marketing, end-users, operators, implementors, computer programmers, etc to participate and contribute to this document / discussions....
I'm thinking of something that could be done as a quick talk at another
conference, such as a pycon or XYZ User Group.  Or maybe a Youtube video a la
Minute Physics.

Yup, as above.
I'll probably take a cut at this, but it will only help if we it looks good,
and I'm not in that category.

Having seen many IETF presentations, I suspect that most of us fall into that camp. :-)

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