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false dichotomies - gun grabs n confuhscations - hold ye gov to account - [PEACE]

Here's one of 'em false dichotomies that TPTB love to throw at the
wide swath of unsuspectin' swashbutterin gilt-caged do littles:

  "No point holding guns, since the government got bigger guns, and
   more of 'em"

  "You and your puny rifle ain't never gonna hold your nuke-wielding
   government to account - who the hell are you kidding?"

etc etc

The false dichotomy is also a strawman, a false premise, etc:

  The only freedom benefit to individual gun ownership, is holding
  your government to account, and that will never be achieved, so
  give up already.

and etc variations on the false dichomatic theme.

The truth is there are many benefits (and responsibilities) to owning
guns, such as certain situations for self defence (thieves,
possibly), others where a gun "in self defence" may be a liability
(defending against the police, whilst not in a civil war), others
where guns and much ammo may well assist against the police such as
when surviving within a society that is either in civil war, or in
serious breakdown - the famous post apopalypse (or "on the way to
apocalypse) scenario.

The rarity of a society breakdown or civil war scenario, is
irrelevant to your right to prepare for such a scenario.

The possible dangers of wielding a gun in close proximity to an
adversary, is irrelevant to your RIGHT to wield a gun in close
proximity to an adversary.

The "liberal Left" (one of the greatest Ministry double speak jokes
of all time) proclaim the lack of notable reasons to wield a gun "for
the time being, at least in your suburb, at least today", as the
reason to take away your RIGHT to choose IF and WHEN and WHERE to
wield a gun - such decisions are part of your rights, not a

The government says all rights, even the right to survive, is mere

The sovereign says all capacities are rights to be exercised by
personal will and/ or discretion and therefore are natural inherent

That which is natural and inherent to my being, can never be a
privilege except that I give up the original right, give up my
original jurisdiction to my own will over my own natural capacities.

Use it or lose it muffaluggerah!

Zerowedgie with some classic perfection roast:

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